Why am I am running for Metchosin Councillor?


I love my unique and diverse country community and I want to represent its strengths and lead by example. Growth and development are at our borders. I am committed to collaborating with others towards preserving our rural setting for future generations. I will be perceptive, tenacious and focused on keeping our community united; listening to the community to protect our environment and our rural way of life in a sustainable intelligent way with innovative business decisions.

Why am I different?

​All the candidates want to keep Metchosin rural and  debt-free.

We all like to see the green fields, the beautiful pastures and the lambs in the field. 

In order to continue this rural lifestyle,  one of the key things we need to do is support farmers who are the bedrock of our rural community.

 I want to achieve the above objectives by using innovative solutions, such as : 

  • linking young farmers with older, experienced farmers so they can continue the farming tradition;

  • allow community gardens or allotment plots allowing young farmers who can't afford to purchase land the opportunity to farm with mentoring from experienced farmers;

  • increase availability of temporary housing on individual farms to house seasonal or full time farm help;

  • assist with irrigation infrastructure;

  • assist with grant writing for federal and provincial farming initiatives; and, 

  • amend the OCP, a living document, with careful and strategic consideration as required to assist in achieving the above goals. 



Top Four Initiatives?

  1. Preserving our rural community and environment - adhering to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Land-use bylaws and carefully and strategically amend as needed.

  2. Assess the future needs of our farmers and seniors - support them with creative and sustainable solutions.

  3. Maintain our rural community values, encourage smart, innovative succession planning and promote future rural and agriculture leaders. 

  4. Envision where Metchosin wants to be in 5, 10, and 25 years; mitigate the potential negative consequences of change.



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